Financial Education Class A Success!
Our last Financial Education Class has just finished. Our course participants learned valuable tools to help them thrive and take control of their financial futures. 

Contact Jennifer if you are infested in our winter 2018 class - 503-484-8344

"I appreciated this class and learn(ed) how important it is to disciple myself with money in order to be successful. I have learned that I can live instead of just survive. Thank you" - Jamie

"I have more of a sense of what my credit looks like and how it works and what I need to do to fix it. I understand more about how to save money and how important it is to save money for an emergency. I am not defined by my credit score I have gained confidence around money I love the speakers and was able to relate to their stories"

"This group has given me hope! I can do this... Leaving this group I finally believe that I can reach financial freedom, minute by minute, day by day. Step by step... I CAN do this!!! I want to say thank you for giving me faith and I am not the only one. And I don't have to do this alone." - Chrystal

Sometimes life happens. It kicks you to the curb, it knocks you down, it steals your joy. Sometimes you take a wrong turn and when you try to turn things around you run into walls and despite your best efforts, you just can't get back on the right path. 

In times like those you need a helping hand up, not a hand out. Someone to believe in you, to come along side you and help you take that next step to get back on track. 

Dream was created for that purpose. 

What were up to this September

-Working with several women with there budgets and goals

-Helping a single mother buy her own home.

-Remodeling an unsafe bathroom for a disabled women

-Repairing and donated a van to NWBTC - a residential rehab


 Thanks to everyone who supported us at the Fun On Foster car show !! We appreciated everyone who took the time to come by our booth ant especially those who are excited get involved with Dream!

We served breakfast to about 60 people , thanks to our terrific volunteer cooks Dave and Leslie.

Thank you to tom Patrick Allstate Agency for letting us be involved with the show and you support of our mission. We appreciate you !

Thanks to a generous supporter, Dream has some fantastic items to sell with all funds gained going back into our programs to support people in our community! High quality, name-brand bath and beauty products. We are having a great big "garage sale" we've got 1000's of popular name brand  bath products donated to us and we'll be selling them for 2.00 each. - up to $15.00 value

As always all proceeds to support a great cause. It may be education, little league, helping domestic violence victims gain independence, help buying a home, cleaning up credit.; scholarships to colleges and trade schools, and assisting people in getting on their feet after a job loss through providing resume building services and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Come out and see how you can get involved and support our community - and keep DREAM-ing!

Help us bring their dreams to life.