Help us bring their dreams to life.

Our summer activities  have been cancelled for 2020.

We are hoping to be able to update our site with exciting events soon. 

From the Parker family:

"Dream came alongside our family at a time when our best efforts just weren't enough.Their gracious and loving help with car repairs last summer was a bright spot in a hard time. A series of events left us without a savings safety net, and the help with repairs helped me get to work and my daughter get to school, Thanks for your generosity and the love with which it it is shared!"

Life happens. When it kicks you to the curb, when it knocks you down, it can even steal your joy. Sometimes you take a wrong turn and when you try to turn things around you run into walls and despite your best efforts, you just can't get back on the right path. 

In times like those you need a helping hand up, not a hand out. Someone to believe in you, to come along side you and help you take that next step to get back on track. 

Dream was created for that purpose. 

Thanks for dreaming with us

Thanks to everyone who supports us annually at the annual Fun on Foster car show!! We appreciate everyone taking the time to come by our booth and especially those who get involved with Dream!

​​We appreciate you!

The fundraisers that we do feed our budget. New ideas are always welcome.

As always, all proceeds are to support our work. It may be education through our workshops, helping domestic violence victims gain independence, help buying a home, cleaning up credit.; scholarships to colleges and trade schools, and assisting people in getting on their feet after a job loss through providing resume building services and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Come out and see how you can get involved and support our community - and keep DREAM-ing!

What we’re up to: Summer 2019

-Working with several families on their budgets and goals

-Information booth and free sno-cones at a Senior Service Fair In Yuma AZ

-Helping a young woman purchase a business. 

-Preparing for upcoming Financial Empowerment Workshop 

-Seeking volunteers to mentor workshop graduates and accountability partners for clients. 

-Getting ready for the car show