Create positive links between those in looking to grow and resource providers, community services.  We host events to build community relations, and enlist the assistance of local businesses and individuals. 


What We Do

The Essence of Dream



Information on  programs & resources  available. Including education around protecting themselves from abuse or domestic violence.


Who we are

 We empower people with knowledge and resources for budget planning and money handling education.



Assist in finding resources and linking goal oriented individuals the best resources available as well as mentoring and  coaching. 

Sometimes life happens. It kicks you to the curb, it knocks you down, it steals your joy. Sometimes you take a wrong turn and when you try to turn things around you run into walls and despite your best efforts, you just can't get back on the right path. 

In times like those you need a helping hand up, not a hand out. Someone to believe in you, to come along side you and help you take that next step to get back on track. 

Dream was created for that purpose. 

Dream is not a hand out. It is a way to help empower people to get to the next level, to better themselves and those around them. Providing assistance through matching resources and ensuring those resources are within reach for those who need them, Dream seeks to make recovery, education and skills for day to day living available to those in need. 

What are your dreams? A safe place to live, food, housing, education, safety... Dream encompasses all these aspects and seeks to restore a sense of pride and self worth to those we serve.

Provide educational classes for home and auto ownership and credit repair

Dream is a non-profit 501-c3 that matches services to those in need, thereby allowing them to live more productive and fruitful lives while building up local communities. We believe all individuals are worthy of respect and should have the right to better themselves. 

We invest in those who are striving to improve themselves, their lives and the lives of those around them.

"It seems so simple now. Thank you for giving me the tools to budget. At last I can make ends meet. If not for you taking the time to help me, I'd still be falling short every month like I was before." - JB

"I have received mentoring from Peggy. Before I met her I was a single mother with three kids. I didn't have a job and my life was falling apart. In the last few years and with her guidance I have continued employment and now have a career. I own my own vehicle and I have purchased my first home. I am not sure my life would be the same if Peggy had not taken the time to believe in me.
Dreams really do come true!" - KW

"No one else would take the time to listen to me but you (Dream) did. The contacts you gave me were so helpful. Thank you for helping me with my phone, gas and medication and love." - CM

"Thank you for helping me with athletic fees." - E