If you would like to support Dream through the donation of funds or items, please contact us and let us know! We are a fully non-profit 501-c3 organization and all donations are tax deductable. We are happy to provide receipts for tax purposes for all donations.

Helping others. It's what we do. Want to get involved? Here's how.

Our Commitment

It is our desire not only to help those in need but to empower them so they may pay it forwards and help others in turn. Every person who has had someone believe in them and helped them get to that next level the importance of that support rings true. We are committed to helping others reach their goals and to instilling in them the desire to do the same for someone else. 

Get Involved


Do you know someone in need? Someone that is trying to make a better life for themselves but just needs that little extra push to pull it off? Let us know! We are always working towards empowering people and helping them to reach their full potential.


Do you have a passion for teaching life skills? Do you enjoy helping others learn and grow? Do you have a talent or knack for a certain life skill that you can share with others? 

Then we need you!

If you feel that sharing some of your information, talents and/or services can help someone then we would love to talk to you!