What We Do...

We truly believe if you can dream it... You can do it.

Our desire is to empower people in our community with the truth that they can succeed. We help them set and reach goals step by step. Once they realize that truth in their own lives they can instill it in their children. We realize that many people in our community do not have a support system and we do our best to fill that void and be the support they need. It is our hope by doing that we will help to bring light into their world and into our community. Our desire is for this to be a two-way street - when a person receives what they need, they in turn pay it forwards to someone else. 

We are a resource center for families and individuals. We do our best to teach people to succeed on their own merit. We don't do it for them. We try to teach them to fish instead of giving them a fish. 

We offer emotional support and mentoring; we match needs with resources that can fill that need. In most cases the client is the driver - we are cheerleaders and accountability partners. 

We have a small group of volunteers who have a passion to help people realize their dreams. We meet people where they are in life and start right there, mentoring and goal setting. Each one is held accountable. We call it a hand up, not a hand out.

We have helped discouraged people find hope by helping them fill out FAFSA applications and assisted them in getting into college.

We have helped single moms move into new houses. Our volunteers have provided child care, supplied moving boxes (an expense many cannot afford), assisted with packing, found trucks to borrow, and stayed for the day helping to unpack and set up house.

We have helped some and want to continue to teach people how to cook and grocery shop so that they have food for the whole month. This helps them learn to make balanced and nutritious meals for their families.

One of our volunteers works in a weekly program feeding the homeless every week, offering to help them move out of that lifestyle if they wish.

One of us is teaching financial literacy and how to budget, manage a check book and curb spending.

We recently took a team of 15 including children to spruce up a 93 year old woman's yard. She neither had the strength nor funds to do it herself or hire someone. She is now quite happy and enjoying her yard.

Last, a group of Dream volunteers went to Wi-ne-ma Christian Camp at the Oregon coast to clean and help get the cabins ready for the summer season. This is a children's sleep-over camp that hosts about 200 campers a week for 8 weeks. By our continued work with them we will have 5 - 10 scholarships for children who would never be able to afford camp. We also have a volunteer that will drive down to drop off and pic up kids. We are in the process of collecting donations to make "camp packs." We want to make sure that every child has what they need to attend camp. Lots of children don't have a swim suit, tennis shoes, sweat shirts, etc. We have also provided Bibles, note cards and stamps for letters home and little flash lights. Some of our volunteers have stayed at the camp to help with kids or the kitchen or fill whatever need the camp may have.

We helped with the Mathew Anderson David Douglas Scholarship golf tournament last year and plan on being involved this year as well. By working with the Anderson family, they agree to give special consideration for scholarships to the students we send them who qualify for the college scholarships they provide.

In conjunction with the football coach, we've had Franklin High School students working on a disabled person's home. They did so in gratitude for a donation that paid for their athletic fees, bought cleats and other needed items for their school.