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Our desire is to empower people in our community with the truth that they can succeed.

We do this, by providing a helpful hand up rather than a handout... by helping others to set and reach goals step by step... by acting as a support system that many in our community lack... by offering emotional support, mentoring, and accountability... by working as a resource center for individuals and families to teach them to succeed on their own merit.

Our goal is to see that our work in the community results in a two-way street... where a helpful hand to someone in need, turns to a pattern of paying it forward, bringing light into both our community and our world.

what we do


Assist in finding resources and connecting
goal-oriented individuals with the best resources, mentoring, and coaching available

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Empower those in need with the knowledge and resources to succeed in budget planning and financial literacy

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Provide educational workshops and lessons for home ownership, automobile maintenance,
and credit repair

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Inform those in need about the programs and resources available to help protect themselves from domestic violence and abuse

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Create positive relationships between resource providers, community supporters, and those looking to grow.

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FAFSA Application
& College Assistance

Helping discouraged students
find hope by helping them
to fill out FAFSA applications
and get into college

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Dream is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible. To make your donation, please click on the donate button below to email us about your interest in donating funds or in-kind goods and/or services.

We are happy to provide receipts for all donations, upon request.

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